"Is Phi Beta Lambda a fraternity?"

Nope, it's actually a club. Did you have Future Business Leader of America (FBLA) in your high school? It's just the continuation of that club into college!

"I see that you belong to the John L. Grove College of Business, but I'm not a business major. Does this make me ineligible to become a member even if I was in high school?"

Absolutely not! PBL is open to ALL members of the Shippensburg student body. After all, everyone needs a job in the future, PBL just helps you in the transition between academics and real-life experience.

"How will Phi Beta Lambda perpare me for a job?"

PBL will offer leadership experience though its many channels, such as becoming an officer, becoming a committee leader, becoming a committee member, or just being an active member!

Networking will be a word you get tired of quickly, however, meeting as many people now can help you to discover new job venues in the future!

There are many other ways that PBL can prepare you; just ask one of our existing members, officers, or advisors!

"Is there any fee for me to become a member?"

There is a $35 per academic year fee to become a member recognized by Pennsylvania PBL and National PBL.

"How can I skip the fee?"

First year in PBL, you cannot. Second year, however, you can accumulate fundraised funds (the Treasurer keeps track) and you can apply them to you dues in the upcoming academic year. Combine that with becoming the most active member, and you should just about break even!