Leadership Team

Kylie Martin

Leadership Committee

I joined GSA because I wanted to use my voice to support the entire Ship graduate community. I think it is important to have a group of people with you in your corner throughout your academic career who are invested in your graduate school experience. We as a committee look forward to working alongside faculty to provide the support the graduate students need!

Kara Fetter

Leadership Committee

I joined GSA because I wanted to become heavily involved with my campus community in graduate school, just like I did when I attended undergrad. I was a part of my university's Student Government Association and have experience with planning campus-wide events. I believe this experience will help other GSA members as well as graduate students find events that they want to take part in all the while making the environment a comforting and welcoming place to be!

Blair Walborn

Leadership Committee

The reason why I joined GSA was because I wanted to join a group that would give me the opportunity to network and at the time be able to help and support my fellow grad students both working professionals, as well as students coming directly from completing their undergraduate degree.

Ashley Spencer


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