Awards and Recognition

"Campus Visibility Award"-April 17th, 2023 Student Life Awards

At the 2023 Student Life Awards, The Red Sea was recognized for the "Campus Visibility" Award. We received this award because here at Shippensburg University, every student is a member of the Red Sea. We plan sport events to bring the students on this campus together and cheer on our athletes.

"President of the Year Award" Tyler Olsen - April 17th, 2023 Student Life Awards

Tyler was President for the 2022-2023 academic school year, and has been a part of the executive board since his freshman year as the treasurer. He was part of the rebuilding process back in 2019. He is known on campus as the "Red Sea Guy". He screams his head off at games and leads cheers to cheer on the Raiders! Tyler puts his heart and soul into this club as he wants it to become the best it can be. He brings all the action and spirit at the football games! Tyler makes everyone feel welcomed into the Red Sea and cares so much for the club. He is graduating this semester and he will be missed in the Red Sea.