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My name is Aven Bittinger, and I am proud to be the Student Government President of the 2019-2020 academic year. I am honored to be in a position of change for the student population at our campus, and am even more so by fighting alongside such an array of student leaders.

The Student Government Association (SGA) can be best described by one word: advocacy. In this government, we advocate for the student population. Whether it is meeting with dining services to incorporate best-practices for inclusive meals that cover students with any dietary restriction, meeting with our college deans to implement academic success strategies, or sitting down with President Carter to have meaningful discussions about the greater good of our campus culture, our goal is to ensure every decision positively impacts our constituents regardless of its size. This can be seen in items such as our handling of our $4.3 million budget in allocation to student groups or even having honest conversations with students while we wait for class.

Our senators are incorporated from a menagerie of sections in student life; college senators, class senators, athletics, on-campus living, international students, the list goes on in our array of official positions because we know the student body is diverse and must be represented as such. Yet no matter what section of students we get elected to represent, we are still united in seeing the betterment of all.

To become involved, I encourage you to reach out to either myself at, or stop in to our office on the second floor of the CUB.

Thank you, 

Aven O. Bittinger
Student Government Association President
202 Anthony F. Ceddia Union Building
Shippensburg University
Shippensburg, PA 17257